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The reason behind the price of our kits is that we have to buy our bricks through the same channels as you would have to, being the general public. There are also some pieces that come at a higher price than others depending on availability and also whether they are retired or not. LEGO® has the advantage of making their own bricks, so all the sets done by custom designers will be higher than sets released by LEGO®. 

  • A-3 Fuel Tanker Trailer

    A-3 Fuel Tanker Trailer

    The A-3 fuel tanker trailer is the perfect addition to your CCKW 2 1/2 Ton 6x6 Cargo Truck (Airfield fuel tanker version). Whether it's just one or several, these trailers connect to each other to form a road train of fuel.   Difficulty...

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  • Avro Lancaster B Mk.1

    Avro Lancaster B Mk.1

    Plane Bricks founder and master builder Jonah Padberg has never been to Great Britain. He barely comes out of his office to eat, but once you’ve experienced holding his latest creation, the A.V. Roe(Avro) Lancaster, you’ll feel like...

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  • B-17G Flying Fortress

    B-17G Flying Fortress

      How do you get a B-17 Flying Fortress into your home or office? In a Plane Bricks box of course! Introducing the B-17G Flying Fortress, designed and built by our Master Builder Jonah Padberg, this historically accurate B-17 kit made with genuine...

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  • Custom Stickers

    Have you ever wanted to make one of our kits your own or wanted it to look like a specific plane? Well, now you can! We offer custom stickers to make your plane your very own! Just add it to your cart, checkout and then email us your specifics for the...

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  • F-16C Fighting Falcon

    F-16C Fighting Falcon

    F-16C Fighting Falcon:   The aircraft that has put the “force” in the US Air Force for nearly 40 years is Lockheed-Martin’s F-16 Fighting Falcon. Also known as the Viper, this compact, multi-role fighter is highly maneuverable...

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  • F/A-18E Super Hornet

    F/A-18E Super Hornet

    F/A-18E Super Hornet   Have you ever thought of replacing an old cat... with a hornet? We here at Planebricks think that sounds like “Tom” foolery but the US Navy thought is was the cat’s pajamas! Enough buzzing around already, I...

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  • Messerschmitt Bf-109F-2

    Messerschmitt Bf-109F-2

    So, now what? You've got your new totally swooshable B-17 all put together, on display, staring at you. Those airplane sounds are rising in your throat but you have no adversary to go to war against! That's where Plane Brick's Messerschmitt BF-109 comes...

  • P-51D Mustang Tuskegee Edition

    P-51D Mustang Tuskegee Edition

    P-51D Mustang   What comes to mind when you hear the word dogfight? A couple of neighborhood pooches scuffling over a bone? Maybe, but most of us probably think of epic war battles between fighter pilots and the powerful war birds they flew. None...

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  • P-61B Black Widow

    P-61B Black Widow

    Anyone a fan of poisonous spiders? We here at Plane Bricks definitely are not, but we have been bitten by one, Northrop’s P-61 Black Widow! Much like a poisonous spider catches it’s prey by surprise, master designer Jonah Padberg has sprung...

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  • SR-71 Blackbird

    SR-71 Blackbird

      Trivia question: How many SR-71 Blackbirds were hit by a missile in it's service life?    Answer: Zero!   This replacement for the U-2 spy-plane came into the scene on December 22, 1964. Built by Lockheed-Martin at their...

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