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Plane FAQ's

Why do your kits cost so much? 

The reason behind this is that we have to buy our bricks through the same channels as you would have to, being the general public. There are also some pieces that come at a higher price than others depending on availability and also whether they are retired or not. LEGO® has the advantage of making their own bricks, so all the sets done by custom designers will be higher than sets released by LEGO®. BUT these designs are not in the area of interest for them! In making these building kits, we too, were surprised at how much it took to produce a kit. Be sure to watch our site, as we will have many more planes fly in at varying price points in the future.


Why is there a delay before kits are shipped?

Since Plane Bricks is in it's beginning stages, our kits are assembled upon order. It takes 2-3 weeks depending on the order for the kit to receive all it's pieces, as they come from many different vendors. That means waiting time on our end as well. We strive to ship as soon as possible and are always available for contact to see progress. 


Do you sell your instructions separately?

Yes we do!